Outstanding In-House Security Manager/Director

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Bell – 11th Security Forces Squadron, Joint Base Andrews

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Bell is the Commander of the 11th Security Forces Squadron at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.  Colonel Bell leads a 360-member unit providing installation security for America’s Airfield in support of Presidential and special Air Missions.  In his role as Commander, Colonel Bell has headed innovative initiatives, including one of the most significant changes to the Security Forces’ career field as he led a dynamic team to field 3.2 million dollars of counter small unmanned aircraft system (C-sUAS) equipment to protect critical resources from air threats. His desire to properly equip his personnel led to high morale.  The 11th Security Forces Squadron earned the 11th Wing’s 2018 Squadron of the Year Award following Colonel Bell’s strong leadership and bold initiatives.

Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director

David Serafine – G4S

David Serafine is director of strategic accounts for G4S and manages the global security contract with a multi-national data center that is supported by more than 1,100 security officers and personnel.  Under Serafine’s leadership, the team has led five consecutive internal audits, conducted by the multi-national data center’s security team, which had not been achieved before Serafine’s arrival.  The team has also received a Net Promoter Score Perfect 10 signifying outstanding customer satisfaction in G4S and their likelihood to recommend G4S to others.  Serafine has had articles published by ASIS and prior to joining G4S, spent 15 years managing and directing global brand protection for a Fortune 100 and a Fortune 50 company with operations in 35 countries.

Outstanding Security Team

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital Public Safety Team

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital Public Safety Department sets the standard for healthcare security.  As the new contractor of the Public Safety Program, MLKCH – Public Safety Department completed its restructure with a focus on healthcare specific training, experience and certification.  The team became one of two South California hospital security programs to obtain the International Healthcare Association of Safety and Security Program of Distinction award.  The team works with the hospital to implement a Workplace Violence Program where every employee has been trained.  In 2019 alone, the department has prevented 221 illegal narcotic introductions by screening visitors entering the Emergency Department and has prevented 293 dangerous weapon introductions.

Outstanding Security Consultant

Michael Glasser – Glasser Security Group LLC

Michael Glasser is one of the industry’s leading security consultants and runs Glasser Security Group LLC (GSG). GSG offers physical security penetration testing, provides expert witness services and provides security consulting. Glasser also contributes to the industry by volunteering with organisations including SIA, ASIS and Mission 500. Starting in 2002, Michael has presented at conferences with presentations focused on offensive tactics against physical security controls. He is one of only a small group of people that has achieved all three major ASIS certifications and has helped to drive the industry forward for many years.

Outstanding New Security Product

Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection – Shooter Detection Systems

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) is the leading provider of gunshot detection solutions for a number of sectors including entertainment, business and education.  SDS is responsible for the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System.  Guardian can transmit gunshot alerts within a second, with zero false alerts.  It incorporates gunshot detection software and combines it with infrared sensor gunfire flash detection.  By removing the “human factor”, nothing is left to interpretation and life- threatening delays can be avoided. Guardian has been installed in schools, transportation terminals and malls.  Active Shooter incidents have been on the rise globally for the past several years which makes Guardian an important new product.

Outstanding Security Training Initiative

Chris Chopp (Site Operations Manual) – Raytheon

Chris Chopp is an author, trainer and educator in the security sector. Having penned 10 Security Work Instructions, it was his all-inclusive Raytheon Applied Signal Technology (RAST)/Allied Universal Security (AUS) Site Operations Manual that makes him standout from the crowd.  The 54-page in-depth manual improved officer’s job knowledge, performance and bolstered confidence. In another first-ever initiative for Raytheon, Chopp orchestrated an unprecedented security/accountability system in all secured classified work areas.  He has also designed a Random Anti-terrorism measure (RAM) program generator to identify dates, times, and locations where additional security measures are needed during Department of Homeland Security National Terrorism Advisory System threat level increases.  Chopp, who has been in the security industry for more than 25 years, has been at the heart of training innovation.

Outstanding Young Security Professional – Sponsored by Denali Universal Services

Angela J. Osborne – Guidepost Solutions

Angela J. Osborne is the regional director for the Security and Technology Consulting division for the Guidepost Solutions Washington, D.C. office. Last year, Angela achieved the highest performance evaluation for both the high quality of her work and high revenue generation at Guidepost Solutions. Angela is highly involved with both ASIS International and the Security Industry Association. In 2019, she concluded her two-year term as the Co-Chairman of ASIS International’s Young Professionals Council. In this role, she led and aided initiatives, including the ASIS Career Center, Associate Protection Professional (APP) certification development, and the Young Professionals Seminar Experience, a program to allow entry-level, young professional leaders to attend the ASIS GSX for free.

Outstanding Security Officer – Sponsored by International Foundation for Protection Officers

Matt Mills – Global Elite Group

Matt Mills overseas operations at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport and has been an active member of the security industry for the past 17 years.  His broad experience has given him a full view of what it takes to manage operations at one of the busiest airports in the U.S. along with keeping passengers safe, airlines on time and everything in between running smoothly.  Mills, supported by Global Elite Group, is a proponent of consistent training, for this reason he trains each new agent himself, or with one of his seasoned agents.  It is because of Mills’ dedication and initiative that his clients have a 100 per cent pass rate in the comprehensive audit from the TSA in 2017.

Outstanding Contract Security Company

G4S Secure Solutions USA

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is part of G4S, it provides private security officer services to customers in industries such as healthcare, government and technology.  The company employs more than 46,000 people. They provide customers with a variety of security officer programs, including Custom Protection Officers (CPO); who must have military, law enforcement experience or a criminal justice degree.  Last year, they launched the G4S Integrated Security Practices to support the company’s risk-based approach to security by combining all G4S offerings, including security officer services and various technologies.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Sponsored by VIVOTEK

Charles “Chuck” Andrews

Chuck’s career in security has spanned four decades. During this time, he founded Friends of Chuck, a professional security network group of more than 100,000 connections across the world.  He began his career in law enforcement in 1976 at the age of 13. By the age of 19 he had logged 4,000 volunteer hours and became a police officer in Texas.  His multi-faceted contributions to Law Enforcement and the security industry are far reaching, serving as a mentor, subject matter expert, resource trainer and operator.  Over the past 43 years, Chuck has served as Chief of Police, Chief Security Officer, Sr. VP, Security Director, Global Security Director, CSO for Cyber Lab, Crime Prevention Officer, Adviser, Strategist, Cyber Expert, Adjunct-Professor of Computer Science & Assistant Dean of Security & Criminal Justice.