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Innovise Software is a leading and long-standing technology provider to the security services and facilities management sector. Its core platforms help businesses to deliver significant reductions in the cost of operations and to track and deliver the highest standards of customer service and contract requirements. Security providers and central and back office teams can affect significant reductions in time and motion, drive up consistency, and ensure compliance through the integration of systems, processes, and people.

Our clients offer outstanding service, class leading innovation and genuinely aspire to lead the way in the toughest trading conditions. They engage and prosper in relationships with their clients and their employees. They execute their work professionally and to the highest standards. All the time they look to introduce new thinking, new tools and ensure they can keep their promises.

“We are proud to be associated with this initiative. The values of both organisations are aligned and for Innovise, this is very important. Integrity, Innovation and Collaboration drive our business, and clearly this is true of so many organisations we have been able to work with and talk to, evident of course in the outstanding examples we are witness to within both the OSPAs and at GSX more widely.”

–  Graeme Hughes, Managing Director for Innovise

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Denali Universal Services – Outstanding Young Security Professional

DUS provides full spectrum security services for public and private sectors. Services include all measures of security from initial threat and vulnerability assessments, to design and implementation and continuing with the integration and management of a security workforce.  Their expertise, procedures, training and quality assurance programs are completely exportable to a range of critical infrastructure clients operating in energy, transportation, commercial and healthcare.  They are seasoned providers of full-package support complementing their maned security functions by providing dually trained officers as medics and firefighters along with services such as conducting airfield operations and TSA approved screening.

They are widely recognized by their clients for their ability to interpret client requirements, tap into their pool of highly qualified security experts and provide a tailored response. Outstanding leadership and client relations are company hallmarks at DUS Security. Their clients count on them to ensure uninterrupted operations wherever they operate and they deliver.


International Foundation for Protection Officers – Outstanding Security Officer

The International Foundation for Protection Officers is committed to the support and professional development of protection officers and supervisors. Through advocacy, promoting training standards, and providing accessible training, education and certification opportunities, we seek to enhance their professional standing as well as increase and diversify the value of the vital services they provide.


VIVOTEK – Lifetime Achievement Award


VIVOTEK Inc. was founded in Taiwan in 2000. The Company markets VIVOTEK solutions worldwide and has become a leading brand in the global IP surveillance industry. Its comprehensive solutions include network cameras, video servers, network video recorders, PoE solutions, and video management software. VIVOTEK has established offices and subsidiaries in all over the world including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. To create a sound industrial ecosystem, VIVOTEK has expanded strategic alliances with leading international software and hardware partners and works with over 182 authorized distributors across 116 countries.

www.vivotek.com               Find VIVOTEK on LinkedIn

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring the OSPAs could be a great opportunity for the promotion of your company. The OSPAs are a prestigious event created to recognise outstanding performance in the security sector. Throughout the process, before, during and after the event, the OSPAs provide an opportunity for a specialist form of brand exposure. Furthermore, sponsoring the event will allow your company to align its brand with one that is committed to recognising outstanding performance.

If you would like to sponsor the awards we offer many varied and exciting packages that are flexible to your company’s needs, please see the link below for a brochure which details these options:

2019 Sponsorship Brochure

If you are interested in sponsoring the OSPAs, please contact us on enquiries@theospas.com or Christine Brooks c.brooks@theospas.com